Pipeline expansion joints flexible approach surface rust


Flexible di  pipe expansion joints long unwashed , rusting occurs , there will be long and expansion joints parts rusting . Artificial rust rust expansion joints , mechanical descaling and pickling rust . The following detailed description of your pipeline flexible expansion joints surface rust methods.
Artificial rust use a wire brush or emery cloth . Electric machinery rust rust remover , rust various electric tools or sandblasting method. Flexible flange pipe expansion joints pickling rust generally conducted with sulfuric or hydrochloric acid . Sulfuric acid concentration is generally from 10 to 15 , the soaking time at room temperature , the acid is heated to such a heat, rust markedly accelerated. The preparation of sulfuric acid solution , sulfuric acid should be slowly poured into water, sulfuric acid into the water is prohibited . Hydrochloric acid concentration is generally from 10 to 15 , immersed in the acid at room temperature within a predetermined range of time . After acid washing to use water, sodium carbonate solution with a concentration of 50 and finally washed with water 2-3 times , and dried.
Brush oil di pipe coating and protection flexible expansion joints in the pipeline pressure test should be qualified . The actual work is generally flexible expansion joints installed in the pipeline before the first pass of the paint brush , but leaving a welding parts , installation and commissioning to be completed before the completion of all the pressure paint job . Brush oil, dust , grease, rust and oxide surfaces you want to get rid of the pipe flexible expansion joints . Seam welding slag should be removed burrs . Metal surface more sticky oil , the available concentration of caustic soda solution gasoline or 5 clear brush , and other dry before rust . If you do not clear the debris , the combined impact of the paint and metal surfaces .