Measures to prevent part butterfly valve being shocked to close down


Installed butterfly valve position signal devices. When running off butterfly valve in the fully open position, the signal, the light plate light in the control room, operators can be judged according to the signal to be closed butterfly valves are part of the accident rushed off. Canonical being shocked to close down the measure, you can lift the oil valve, until the valve is a signal occurs, the falling oil valve. Improve the Concentric butterfly valve repair quality.
Due to the butterfly valves and bulky, and is positioned firmly and turn the place to resolve issues, need to butterfly valve disassembly, installation, engineering, space limitations and butterfly valves, and there is no way, because butterfly valves a long service time, wear, overhaul the dissolution is unlikely to guarantee quality.
Plus gaskets are currently popular approaches to adjusting the centre position, which to some extent can solve the problem with the butterfly valve. Improve the maintenance process to ensure disc valve after the valve is parallel to the water. Improving the sealed relay device performance, replacing better sealing material, open to relay device-piston cavity oil supplement on a regular basis.
Butterfly valve inlet install water monitors to monitor the water flow fluctuations, and run in the butterfly valve 1 regular additions to the statutes, that is, each week starting valve, servomotor fuel oil.