Classification by purpose pipe fittings


Pipe and fittings are pipe clamps, pipe clamps, union, make up the heart, the same diameter elbow, reducing elbow, the inner pipe clamps, pipe plugs, equal tee, reducing tee, roots mother, Equal crosses, reducers Stone, valves, non-return valve. Here are some uses of pipe fittings by Category: 
1, for interconnecting pipe fittings are: flange, union, pipe clamps, card sets, hose clamps, etc. 
2, changing the direction of pipe fittings: elbow. 
3, changing the diameter of the pipe fittings: reducer (Reducer), reducing elbow, branch units, reinforcing tube. 
4, increase the pipe branch ductile iron pipe: three, four. 
5, for sealing pipe fittings: gaskets, Teflon tape, hemp, blind flanges, plugs, blind. 
6, for the fixed pipeline fittings: snap ring, tow hooks, rings, brackets, brackets, pipe cards.