Structural features of the relief valve closed


As piping system downstream check valve opens when the backflow valve closed , mainly used to prevent the media back to prevent the pump and drive motor reversal and the container medium discharge ; currently the most widely used around the valve body is eliminated axis of rotation swing check valve and valve body along the vertical centerline of moving up check valve , but more than two kinds of structures exist when the valve closed media back quickly from maximum speed to zero , resulting in the pipeline the inlet side of the pressure rise rapidly , resulting in the piping system has damaging effects on the water hammer phenomenon , it is generally non-return valve production caliber of 50 ~ 500mm.
To reduce the effect of water hammer check valves , check valves used to expand the scope of the original product , based on the creation of slow -closed valves , pipeline water hammer boost to solve the problem .

For water hammer valves use a boost in the presence of common structural problems , proposed the creation of slow -closed valve design ; improved product has a smooth opening and closing , to reduce water hammer pressure.

Mainly used for the relief valve closed , drain water trail , the source of water, sewage, water and other media , installed at the pump produced to eliminate reflux truncated media Atomic Energy of bad water hammer , protection and road , safe operation of the pump .
Its main features are :
1, the shape of small , light weight, only about one-third the length of the structure of the swing API Check Valve .
2 , slow closing system performance, not affected by the media in the pipeline , the valve off after the first slow closing speed to prevent broken ring of water hammer.
3 , soft rubber seal , closed performance , wear resistance and long service life .
4 , rubber cushion , smooth opening and closing, no vibration, no noise.
5 , the check valve flow resistance than the old , there is significant energy savings .


1, main valve opening and closing the valve smooth , compact deputy slow closing valve structure , reliable performance.

2,main valve flap off after the first slow closing speed , which can effectively prevent damaging water hammer , and expand the use of the check valve .

3, Improve the structure is simple, easy to manufacture and interchangeable.

4 ,slow -closed valve repair or replacement , not affect the use of the check valve .