Special installation is required gasket


Gasket believe we are already very familiar , then install the gasket which special requirements it, edited it today and we will study together under the seal of the special installation requirements:

1, the installation and the sudden planar spiral wound gasket sealing flange match , should be taken to ensure the seal concentric with the pipe , commonly used to strengthen the outer ring and the inner circumferential surface contacts the bolt to locate , not eccentrically mounted . Tongue and groove sealing surface mounting flange of the basic type spiral wound sbr gasket , attention should be consistent with the groove wall to keep the gap .

2, the installation of the metal -coated gasket narrow width , the thickness of the plate should be placed in a lateral pads , and then pressing the flange , the coated metal gasket to prevent compression of the filler , the interfaces of the metal shell ( or take the mouth ) expansion opened , damaged metal jacketed gaskets .

3, when the flange temperature higher than 200 ℃, the flange and gasket sealing surface should be coated with sealant between to prevent high temperature gasket and flange sealing surface sintering, to increased maintenance and replacement gasket trouble.

4 , the sealing surface is not flat , the surface can be coated with the sealing epdm gasket sealant before installation . Sealants generally manganese dioxide , lead, graphite powder and survived after linseed oil ( drying ) components. According to the sealing medium , temperature and pressure conditions choose the appropriate media type and brand of liquid sealant .

5 , for the installation octagonal metal ring gasket, when the metal ring gasket and flange seal groove machining is not ideal , it can be achieved by coordination study snug fit