Special installation requirements gasket


Gasket believe we have been very familiar with, then the gasket is installed What special requirements do, today small special installation requirements and we will study together under the gasket :

1, the installation and sudden planar spiral wound sbr gasket sealing flange match should be taken to ensure that the seal with concentric pipes , commonly used to strengthen the outer ring and the inner circumferential surface of the bolt contacts to locate allowed eccentrically mounted . When installing tongue and groove flange sealing surfaces of the basic type spiral wound gasket , attention should be consistent with the groove wall clearance .

2 , the installation of metal clad gasket narrow width , a certain thickness of the plate should be placed outside of the gasket, and then clamping flange , so the coated filler metal gasket inside pressure, the metal shell interface ( or take the mouth ) expansion opened , damaged metal jacketed gaskets .

3, when the flange temperature higher than 200 ℃, between the flange and gasket sealing surfaces should be coated with sealant to prevent the gasket and flange sealing surfaces under high temperature sintering , to increase maintenance and replacement gasket trouble.

4 , the sealing surface is not flat , can be coated with sealant before installing the gasket sealing surface . Sealants generally manganese dioxide, lead, linseed oil ( drying oil ) consisting of graphite and survived after . The choice of the appropriate type and brand of liquid sealant according sealing medium , medium temperature and pressure conditions .

5 , for the installation of an octagonal metal ring gasket, when the metal ring gasket and flange seal groove machining is not ideal , it can be achieved through research with tight fit . For large -diameter metal ring gasket, with research more difficult, in order to fill the tiny metal surface uneven , use sealant

About gasket above is a special installation requirements , we should all understand , if you need more information about the gasket , welcome to inquire.