Domestic and foreign situation resolves valve characteristics


( 1 ) city building valves: Urban systems generally use low pressure valves are currently being environmentally friendly and energy-saving direction. Environment-friendly plastic sheet valve , balance valve and butterfly valve, metal sealed butterfly valve is gradually replacing low iron gate . Domestic mostly urban architecture required valve balancing valve , soft seal valve, butterfly valve and so on.

( 2 ) urban heating valves : City -generation thermal system, which requires large amounts of metal sealing butterfly valve , ball valve horizontal balancing valve and buried , because this type of valve to solve the pipeline vertical, horizontal hydraulic imbalance to save energy , generation of heat balance purposes.

( 3 ) Environmental valves : domestic environmental protection system , water supply system is mainly required butterfly valve, soft seal gate valve, ball valve, exhaust valve ( used to exclude the air pipe ) . Sewage disposal system is mainly required soft sealing valve, butterfly valve .

( 4 ) city gas valves : City natural gas accounted for 22 % of the whole market, the amount of large valves , its type , too. The main need for ball valves, plug valves , valves, safety valves.

( 5 ) long pipeline valves: long-distance pipeline mainly crude oil, and natural pipeline did . The majority of these pipelines required amount of forged steel valves are three -body full bore ball valve, anti-sulfur flat gate valve, safety valve, check valve.