Rubber gasket market potential


Currently as devices continue to grow, demand for rubber gasket is also growing, now on the market are widely used, is playing an increasingly important role, favored by consumers, so is quite broad development prospects in the market, the pace of development is more mature and stable. In metal flange rubber gaskets or other connecting parts between two static appearance the sealing sheet rubber products collectively, nbr gasket. Molding manufacturing can be applied in curing film punching. Can be widely used in a variety of mechanical configurations, gasket, seal, buffer, etc. Rubber gasket is an organic polymer materials with high elasticity, high elasticity, excellent with good fatigue resistance, excellent electrical insulation resistance, good abrasion and heat resistance and so on. With the rapid economic development by auto industry drives the rapid promotion of rubber gaskets. Domestic rubber gasket markets are promoted to a new situation. Rubber gaskets on the market in China to 150%, increase in output volume, rubber gasket from dozens of enterprises increased production to as much as hundreds, the pace of development is more mature and stable.