Rubber gaskets blistering reason


Rubber gaskets are generally thin pieces of various shapes, to reduce friction, prevent leakage, isolated to prevent loosening or dispersion pressure. Many materials and structures have this part, for the performance of all kinds of similar effect. Due to the materials and workmanship restrictions threaded fasteners, bolts and other fasteners bearing surface so little, so as to reduce the stress bearing surface to protect the surface of the connected pieces, which uses washers. To prevent loosening of the connection using locking vice spring washers and multi-toothed lock washers, round nut and saddle washers, wave, conical spring washers.

Blistering analysis of the reasons for rubber gasket: rubber dispersed, mold structure, sulfide gas and raw material issues are likely to cause bubbles
Moisture and low melting raw material rubber compound exceeded, plastic rubber material is too high, the curing process or vacuum off the exhaust handled properly, charging method is inappropriate, etc., will produce bubbles.
Products are molding process or extrusion process, the cause is not the same in different processes.