Seal gasket installation requirements


Sealed gasket is a for machinery, and equipment, and pipeline as long as is has fluid of place is with of sealed spare parts, using both inside and outside Department, up sealed role of material, sealed gasket of species we has understanding has, today to everyone introduced Xia sealed gasket of installed aspects of requires:
1, and sealed gasket and law blue sealed surface should cleaning clean, shall not has any effects connection sealed performance of classified marks, and spots, defects exists.   
2, seal and gasket sealing surface of outer diameter should be bifalan outside the small gasket inner diameter should be slightly larger than the pipe diameter, the diameter difference take gasket thickness twice times, to ensure that after pressing, gasket inner edge is not into the container or pipe, so as not to impede the flow of fluid in a container or piping.   
3, seal and gasket preload should not exceed design requirements to avoid excessive compression gasket loss of ability to rebound.
4, sealing gasket when pressing, it is best to use a torque wrench. Large bolts and high strength bolts, hydraulic tightening device is best used.Tightening torque should be calculated according to a given sealing gasket clamping through the strike, hydraulic tightening pressure shall be determined by calculating the size of.
5, when you install the gasket, tighten the nut by order. But should not pinch a design value is reached. Cycle two or three times at least, so that the sealing gasket uniform stress distribution.   
6, combustible and explosive media pressure vessels and piping, replacement gasket should be used when security tools to avoid tool flange or bolted collide, sparks and cause a fire or explosion. 7, pipes such as water leakage, must buck replaced or adjusted after installing gasket pressure operation is strictly prohibited.