How to select ductile iron pipe?


Ductile iron pipe is a type of cast iron, is an alloy of iron and carbon and Silicon. Of data is in the form of spherical graphite in spheroidal graphite cast iron, graphite 6-7 level in size, the quality requirements on spheroidizing level control for level 1-3 of cast pipe, thus a good improvement in the mechanical properties of the material itself, has the nature of iron and steel's performance.   
Ductile iron fittings china after annealing, the microstructure of ferrite plus small amounts of Pearlite, better mechanical performance. Based on the performance of ductile iron pipe, technician of our company shows some selected recommendations. So as to be able to enter the market development, the only way to be able to understand the customer's real needs, can transform the production process.   
Selection of proposals:
1、 choice of ductile iron pipes should be laid under specific circumstances, choose straight pipes and accessories form interfaces.      
2、 recommended use EPDM rubber ring ring.
3、 coating options: when used according to the internal and external conditions and coating. Undercoat for epoxy, polyurethane coated ductile iron pipe, PE film coating both inside and outside the new product, selection should have a detailed knowledge of its performance.