Recommendation selection valve technology staff


According to the conditions , the gate valves , ball valves, butterfly valves, control valves and other valves to be equipped with pneumatic or electric actuators in order to meet the requirements. In the selection of the implementing agencies , the extraordinarily high valve gives the following three recommendations, for reference.
1 Where possible , it is recommended selection of imported China-made electronic actuators with ball valves for the localization of the occasion , the new projects.
2 film executive body , although there is not enough thrust , small stiffness, the large size of the defect , but its structure is simple , so is still the most used actuators. But the emphasis here is on the best selection of fine small film executive body to replace old-fashioned film executive agencies to obtain lighter weight , smaller size and high output power .
3 piston actuator choose note the following:
① When pneumatic diaphragm actuator thrust is not enough , the choice of the piston actuator to increase the output power ; large pressure regulating valve ( eg Central steam off ) , when ≥ DN100 time , suggested the use of a single sealed valve ( single seat valve or single seat sleeve valve ) , to ensure a better cut off valve performance, but this time, the pressure on the spool imbalance force increases, should choose piston actuator ; when ≥ DN200 , we should choose the double piston actuator .
② ordinary valves, piston actuator can also choose to replace the diaphragm actuator , so that greatly reduced the size of the implementing agencies , in this perspective, the use of a pneumatic piston valve will be more .
③ diagonal stroke type API Check Valve , a lot of structure types whose rotary actuators , making it complicated , you should first consider a simple structure, moves freely , small size , thrust actuators , while the typical structure of dual-piston gear of rotary . It is worth emphasizing that the traditional " straight stroke piston actuator + + crank angle iron rod ," the way it should be eliminated.