Analysis using stainless steel butterfly


Analysis using stainless steel butterfly , butterfly valves widespread use in more convenient than other valves, more affordable , the current data on the valve seal , soft seal and hard seal . Soft sealing material is rubber, PTFE and so on. But soft sealing in sanitary butterfly valve, is more and more . Due to limitations of structural features do not conform to the high temperature, high pressure and corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and other industries.
Existing triple eccentric butterfly valve is comparable metal Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve, valve and valve seat for the connecting member , and the appearance of the seat seal welding temperature, corrosion resistant alloys available. Multilayer soft stacked ring fixed in the valve plate, this butterfly compared with traditional butterfly valves, high temperature and operational aspects of friction , when you close with the compensation torque transmission mechanism and seal . Butterfly valve sealing performance and extend the use of the advantages of life .
However , there are some problems in the use of butterfly process :
First, due to the soft and hard stacked ring fixed in the valve plate, when the valve plate normally open state media have a positive sealing surface erosion , and metal sandwich soft seal by brushing with a direct impact on seal performance.
Second, limited by the structural conditions of the structures do not conform to the following diameter DN200 valve , the reason is the overall structure of the valve plate is too thick, large flow resistance .
Third, because the principle of three eccentric structure , seat sealing surface between the Concentric Butterfly Valve plate is mounted by the drive torque to the valve plate is pressed against the valve seat. Positive flow state , the higher the pressure medium sealed tight squeeze . When when countercurrent flow medium with medium pressure valve plate and seat increases the pressure between the less than medium pressure , leak sealing beginning .