Stainless steel check valve Product Overview


Stainless steel check valve is actually a stainless steel as the material of check valves, check valves are in the pipeline by the force generated by the flow of the medium itself automatically open and close automatic valves , stainless steel check valve with a natural backstop valves all product features, the main role is to prevent the media back in the pipeline . Here the use of stainless steel check valve , features , technical parameters make the following introduction :
Pressure stainless steel check valve can also be used for more than one of the primary system pressure may rise to an auxiliary system supply pipeline. Check valve according to the different materials, can be applied to various pipeline medium. Check valve installed in the pipeline , which became one of the fluid component of the complete pipeline , the valve opening and closing process in which it is necessary to subject the system transient flow conditions affected ; turn again to close the valve characteristics on the state of the fluid flow generated hair effect.
Stainless steel check valve work is characterized by load changes, the frequency of small hoist , an investment in closed or open state , the applicable period will be very long, and does not require moving parts movement. But once they " switch " requirement, you must move the flexible, this requirement more common mechanical movement more demanding . In most practical use of the check , the rapid closure for determining qualitatively , and in the moment the api check valve closed , the direction of flow of the medium , with the valve closed , the medium rapidly reduced from the maximum speed back to the technology zero , while the pressure is rapidly increased , which may produce damaging effects on the pipeline system "water hammer " phenomenon. For multiple pumps in parallel applies high pressure piping systems , water hammer check valve problem is more prominent. Water hammer is a pressure transient flow in the pipeline as a pressure wave , which is due to changes in pressure pipe pressure fluid flow caused jump up or down hydraulic shock phenomenon . Physical its causes are incompressible fluid , the fluid inertia and elasticity of the combined effects of the pipeline results . To prevent the risk of water hammer in the pipeline for many years , people in the check valve design, using a number of new structures , new materials, ensure that the check valve in the applicable performance, while the impact areas to minimize water hammer has made encouraging progress. Check valve means relying on the media itself flows automatically open and close the valve , backflow valve to prevent the media , also known as check valve , check valve, backflow valve , and back pressure valve.
Use of different materials , can be separately applied to water , steam, oil , nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing medium , urea and other media . Stainless steel check valve installed in the pipeline should generally be level .