How to detect the ductile iron pipes


Ductile iron pipe and have a plain grey-iron pipes and steel for strength and corrosion resistance and toughness.   

Ductile pipe fittings market compared to the level of development and pipeline products, relatively backward, so the inspection of pipe should attract attention.   
1, decline, pipe weight control system, process fittings should be guaranteed within the tolerance range of weight on the standards.   
2, coatings, coating thickness should meet the requirements of standards both inside and outside.   
3, size allocation of ductile iron pipe, each pipe size should be examined using standard measuring ductile iron pipe in order to meet the required tolerances.
4, capacity investment advice, there should be a sufficiently large warehouse to store fittings for general use, the purchaser records should pay attention to this issue from the perspective of. The ability to timely supply is very important.
5, material should be stable and clean.Some manufacturers use recycled materials to reduce costs too much, it will inevitably lead to quality problems.
6, hydrostatic testing of domestic demand, every pipe, regardless of their size diameter di puddle flange pipe, hydraulic pressure test or equivalent test should be carried out.
7, mold management, mold repair and maintenance costs that should be very good, with obvious flaws not to, so as not to affect the surface quality of fittings.