Characteristic analysis of connecting rod type butterfly valve


Butterfly valve of connecting rod structure, mainly used in metallurgical blast furnace hot blast stove system of pipes, it has characteristics of small volume, light weight, flexible, easy and so on.
Therefore, connecting rod butterfly valves in hot blast stove system of air, gas, gas pipeline has been widely used. Connecting rod structure characteristics of butterfly valves: connecting rod structure it mainly consists of driving device of high-quality valve, valve body, valve plate, spindle, poles made up of such parts. Opening and closing of the valve is powered by drive spindle drive linkage mechanism motion, thus achieving the valve plate opens and closes. Through analysis shows that when both valves open or closed, valve plate and gearing parts are always under media siege. Dang valve close Shi, valve Board to bear media of all pressure, such on will caused valve Board of plastic deformation, turn makes its even moving pieces caused deformation; Dang valve opened Shi, valve Board and will was media of scour, and media mobile by caused of valve Board itself of vibration, such also will accelerated even moving parts of damaged, especially hinged Department solid since lubrication bearing of damaged.
Therefore, connecting rod connecting rod butterfly valve butterfly valve plate of life which is life.
Connecting rod structure analysis of butterfly valve Board: butterfly valve according to connecting rod structure, processing and manufacturing are generally not used when casting structure, form of traditional valve plate welded, exist together Board adopted blanking plate directly on the valve plate, big round after blanking plate you need hot-press forming, pressing a certain curvature and vertical plate welding, final machining.
From a technology perspective an analysis on the structure of such disc, can be seen from the above, the valve plate is composed of three parts: the vertical plates, plate, large round steel plates. If you take this kind of structure of thevalve supply plate, plate blanking and vertical plates can be directly formed round plate you will need craft workers first to figure out the size, and then as required, the arc-shaped die, die compacting of round steel plate, and finally with the other two groups for the welding.
While the main problem lies in the manufacture of pressure die at this point, can be seen through the analysis, valve plate Center section for the arc, edge is a flat surface, which requires each to make a specification of the valves, a positioner, you cannot press out the shape you need.