Valve gasket material of choice


On the valve, gasket seals are the primary obstacle to media leaks, and used to fill the two contact surfaces (such as the sealing surface of the valve body and the valve cover between) between all rugged place, in order to avoid the media from the contact surface between leak.
Gaskets can be divided into two kinds of soft and hard. Usually soft non-metallic, such as cardboard, rubber, asbestos rubber sheet, PTFE; rigid usually pack asbestos, metals and asbestos gasket is formed around the metal or metals. Metal gasket materials are usually 10 1Cr18Ni9 stainless steel and high-quality, high precision and smoothness needs to consolidate the strength bolts are larger are used for high temperature and high pressure valves.
Demand high-quality valve gasket materials resistant to corrosion, along with elasticity and plasticity and must meet the strength at the operating temperature to ensure the seal.
Reasonable selection of gasket materials and types of media should be based on working conditions, such as temperature, pressure, and corrosive to determine.