Valve installation and pre-installation preparation


Ball preparation before installation :
( 1 ) Ball after the pipeline is ready . Around pipes should be coaxial , two flange sealing surface should be parallel . Pipes should be able to withstand the weight of the ball , otherwise the pipe must be provided with appropriate support.
( 2 ) before and after the ball valve pipeline purged , removed the oil pipeline , welding slag , and all other impurities.
( 3 ) check valve logo, identify ball intact. Fully open the valve fully closed several times to confirm that it is working properly .
( 4 ) Remove the valve flange connected to both ends of the protection member .
( 5 ) Check the valve hole may have cleared the dirt , then rinse valve hole . Between the valve seat and the ball even with a tiny foreign particles may damage the valve seat sealing surface.
Ball Valve Installation:
( A ) the valve mounted on the pipeline . Either end of the valve can be mounted on the upstream side . The valve with the handle driver can be installed in any position on the pipe . However, with gearbox or pneumatic valve drive should be installed upright , that is installed in horizontal pipelines , and the drive device is above the pipeline .
( 2 ) between the valve flange and high-quality pipe flange installed on piping gasket design requirements .
( 3 ) on the flange bolts to be symmetrical , successive , evenly tighten.
( 4 ) Connect pneumatic tubing ( pneumatic drive ) .