Various butterfly classic graphics


Butterfly classic graphics provided by Maezawa valve , the valve is inseparable from the modern industrial switching equipment , simple operation butterfly imported into our industrial equipment for the unusual . Butterfly valve called flip , 90 ° rotation, with the ball almost form is a simple structure of classic products, but also can be used for low pressure pipeline medium switch control butterfly valve can also be called off pieces ( or butterfly valve plate ) a disk around the valve axis to achieve the opening and closing of a product . The following provides a few classic graphics.

1,An imported butterfly clip-on

Wafer butterfly valve because the relatively thin, fine small , is a bolt through the pipe flange and valve fixed, this is called : Wafer butterfly valve, its price is relatively affordable, easy to install.


2, imports of welded butterfly

Welded pipes and butterfly valve is made of welded to the fixed body, the product can be used only welded together .


3, the inlet flange butterfly

High-quality valve connection is connected by a bolt and nut through the end of the pipe flange and flange at one end of the product , its simple operation, easy removal , a better use .

Butterfly operation is also equipped with many, such as : manual , turbo , pneumatic, electric, hydraulic . These are the ways to control the operation of the switch .