High strength welded flange to prevent leaks


Welded flange : Welding neck flange is usually referred to as " high hub" Flange . Its purpose is to transfer the pressure pipe , thereby reducing the di double flanged bend high stress concentration . Welding neck flange is the best designed butt those present, because of its inherent structural value provided flange. This is expensive , because of the design .
Threaded flange : The threaded di socket bend is threaded to connect . But the center of the tube products have corresponding thread size . Its main advantage is that it can be assembled without welding .
Sliding Flanges : slip flange has a low hub because the pipe before entering the single flange welding. This is welded inside and outside provide sufficient strength to prevent leakage. Sliding flange, the outer diameter is slightly larger than the boring matching the pipe . They are better than the neck flange welding , due to the lower initial cost, many users , but probably will not last more than the cost of installation , less because of the increased weld neck flange .
Lap flange : di socket bend is actually in the same lap sliding flange, unless it a radius between the hole and the flange race. This is necessary to accommodate the radius of the overlapping flange stub ends.
Typically , lap and lap at the end of the stub mating flanges together to assemble the system .
The socket welding flange is similar to a sliding flange , unless it has a hole and anti- hole size. Match the pipe, the pipe is inserted into the flange similar sliding flange. The smaller diameter hole matching the same as the ID of the pipe. Limit is a built-in hole , as a shoulder sleeve designed for the pipeline stays at the bottom. This eliminates any flow restrictions in the use of socket welding flanges.