• water treatment solution

    We can provide the perfect water treatment industry and industrial automation control system solutions.We adopt international advanced brand hardware such as Siemens, schneider, Rockwell to ensure good running stability and security.

  • Cast iron drainage pipe

    All products of cast iron drainage pipe with European(BS EN877),American(ASTM A888),International(ISO 6594),
    and South Korea standard(KSD4307)are approved for use in cast iron drainage pipe system.

  • Ductile Iron Pipes

    Ductile cast iron is kind of alloy of iron, carbon and silicon, in which graphite exists in the type of spherical, generally the size of graphite is 6-7 class, and spheriodization grade of the pipe should be controlled 1-3 class(spheroidization rate is not below 80%).

  • Ductile Iron Fittings

    We imported production technology of vacuous lost foam casting from Japan with high-tech production lines and modern inspection equipments. We also have sand casting type to produce fittings. Products for overseas markets covered all over the world.

  • Ductile Iron Joints

    Dismantling joint enables easy installation and dismantling of isolating valves, non return valves, flow Metering equipment, pumps etc.

  • Valves

    Wein high-quality Valve products are widely used in water treatment system, petroleum, chemical, food health care, construction and other industries and fields. Our professional team is able to produce custom-made products complying with ANSI, DIN, JIS and BS standards etc.