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Cast Iron Drainage Pipe;Overview
All products of cast iron drainage pipe with European(BS EN877),American(ASTM A888),International(ISO 6594),and South Korea standard(KSD4307)are approved for use in cast iron drainage pipe system.
Every pipe is subjected to factory hydraulic press test during manufacturing.




 Cast Iron Drainage Pipe

------First choice for high-end buildings.
1.Long life-span:
For sanitary,drain and vent applications,guaranteed lifetime:60years.
2.Noise protection:
Public buildings like hospitals,schools,kindergartens,by the law of South Korea,must use cast iron pipe drain systems.
3.Fire safety
Cast iron pipes melting point:1147℃.
4.Earthquake resistance
Cast iron pipe damage rate in the earthquake:0.04%
5.Temperature resistance
Streaching rate:0.0117
100% recycleability of the cast products.

With quality product,reasonable price and considerrate service,our products are widely used in high-rise and super high-rise building over the country,and export to many countries and regions such as America,Japan,Singapore,Taiwan,and Hong Kong.