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Ductile Iron Pipes Overview
Ductile cast iron is kind of alloy of iron, carbon and silicon, in which graphite exists in the type of spherical, generally the size of graphite is 6-7 class, and spheriodization grade of the pipe should be controlled 1-3 class(spheroidization rate is not below 80%). Thus after spheroidization, ductile cast iron possesses the nature of iron as well as the characteristic of steel. After annealing, its microstructure contains ferrite and a little pearlite possessing excellent mechanical properties.

Much of the production of ductile iron is in the form of ductile cast iron pipe, used for water and sewer lines. Ductile cast iron pipe is stronger and easier to tap, requires less support and provides greater flow area compared with pipes made from other materials like PVC, concrete, polyethylene or steel. Ductile Iron Pipe is the most widely-used pipeline product in water supply and water drain/sewage projects.


Ductile cast iron  Ductile cast iron  Ductile iron pipes  Ductile iron pipes

Ductile iron pipes  Ductile iron pipes  Ductile iron pipes  Ductile iron pipes