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♦ Pipes and fittings conform to the requirements of International Standard ISO 2531, British European Standard BS EN545, and their extensions. If information given in English and Chinese differs, the English version prevails.

♦ Dimensions and masses of pipes and fittings are approximate and are for references only; accurate dimensions and masses should be confirmed with us at the time of placing order. Flanged joint pipes and fittings are generally available with PN10, PN16 and PN25.
Socket joint pipes and fittings generally available with T type and K type joints and also Restraint joint.

•Mechanical prosperities of ductile cast iron pipes:

  Ductile cast iron pipe Grey iron pipe
Tensile strength(Mpa) ≥420 150-260
Yield strength(Mpa)  ≥300 No confirmation
Bending strength(Mpa) ≥590 200-360
Elongation (%)  ≥10 Neglected
Brinell hardness(HBS) ≤230 ≤230

•The hydraulic test pressure of the ductile cast iron pipes is as followings:

Nominal diameter DN(mm) Hydraulic test pressure(Mpa)
80≤DN≤300 5
350≤DN350≤600 4
700≤DN≤1000 3.2
1100≤DN≤2000 2.5

•Its thickness is as followed list.

Nominal diameter DN(mm) Minimum Wall thickness(mm)
80≤DN≤300 3
350≤DN350≤600 5
700≤DN≤1000 6