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Water treatment automatic control system scheme;Overview
The water treatment control system includes the upper machine (PC), PLC control station, instruments, low voltage control cabinet and network equipments. PC communicates with the PLC control station through the Ethernet and can make up the annular redundant network according to the requirement. The PC configuration software receive the data from the PLC control substation and displays in graphics, text, animation and color, etc. It can intuitively show the running status of the fan, water pump and other equipments running and display the real-time data of the instruments at site. The remote control of the equipment start-stop can be carried out by the control button on the configuration software. The various operation modes such as manual and automatic can be selected.


The characteristics of the system:

►1.Real-time data acquisition and monitoring.
►2.The computer dynamic display of the production process.
►3.The process optimization control.
►4.The historical data query.
►5.Fault alarm record.
►6.Remote data exchange.
►7.The upper system adopts industrial Ethernet. The on-site system adopts the international standard communication protocol such as Profibus and MODBUS. It is easy to construct the network and easy for expanding.