Dismantling Joint

The dismantling joint is used to connect pipes or valves with flanges at both ends. The product has the characteristics of adjustable length to facilitate field adjustment during on site installation.

The nominal diameter of product ranges is from DN40 to DN2000, and the drilled flange and nominal pressure like


The simplicity and versatility of product make them suitable for many applications, including pumping stations, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, plant rooms, instrument rooms, power generation equipment, gas stations and so on.

Dismantling joint is well install and remove for isolation valve, control valve, check valve, check valve flow measurement valve, pump, pressure relief, flange pipe etc.

Dismantling joint coated with WRAS water certified epoxy powder coating, we provide excellent protection from transportation, storage, on-site and corrosion damage. The zinc plated nut and bolt coating is used to provide long- term rust protection.

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